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Is it just me or does Jesse St James look exactly like Art Garfunkel??

Is it just me or does Jesse St James look exactly like Art Garfunkel??

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fuck yeah.


fuck yeah.

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School Song - Matilda The Musical

My mummy says I’m a miracle.
My daddy says I’m his special little guy.
I am a princess,
And I am a prince.
Mum says I’m an angel. (x3)

So you think you’re Able
To survive this mess by Bing
A prince or a princess, you will soon C
There’s no escaping trage-D
And E-ven
If you put in heaps of F-ort
You’re just wasting ener-G
‘Cause your life as you know it is H-ent history.
I Have suffered in this J-ail
I’ve been trapped inside this K-ge for ages,
This living h-L
But if I try I can rem-M-ber,
Back before my life had N-ded,
Before my happy days were O-ver,
Before I first heard the P-ling of the bell…
Like you I was Q-rious,
So innocent I R-sked a thousand questions,
But, unl-S you want to suffer,
Listen up and I will T-ch you a thing or two.
U, listen here, my dear,
You’ll be punished so se-V-rely if you step out of line,
And if you cry it will be W should stay out of trouble,
And remember to be X-tremely careful.


Why? Did you hear what he said?
Just you wait for phy-Z!
What’s phys. ed.?
Physical education!

My mummy says I’m a miracle.
My daddy said I would be the teacher’s pet.
School is really fun, according to my mum.
Dad says I would learn the alphabet.

The alphabet? You’d better learn a lesson, kid!

[Repeat from beginning]

Just you wait for phy-Z!

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Tom: I was joking…

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you know what’s ironic? you come over here complaining and i have never once said a word about that obnoxious parrot of yours thats always squawking.

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Had a dream I met Jared Padalecki last night… 

I was at work and he came in with his wife for a meal and then we stayed talking for hours after the pub closed about random shit, it was freaking awesome, and then wierdly we decided to play Just Dance at like 3 in the morning in the empty pub but his wife couldn’t play coz she’s preggers so she just sat there watching and giving evils at his obvious budding bezzers friendship with me. We were planning to meet up in LA and go for a drink with Jensen and Misha and he was gunna get me a part in Supernatural ajshdyvghknsajnhr and then I woke up. I could’ve thrown my phone at the wall for waking me up.

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